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Fitness Level measurements allow for more personalized coaching ...

Lifestyle Assessment can estimate your client’s aerobic Fitness Level based on 30 minutes of walking at a moderate pace. ...

11 Septembre 2018

Companies Health Sport Well-being

Personalized plans generate real results ...

Founded in 2002 and based in London, SP&Co has delivered research-driven health and lifestyle programs to thousands of individuals. The private health and fitness consultancy, which launched BodySPace in 2017 exclusively for hotel and luxury residential, uses Puls@care technology as part of their bespoke wellness program at their flagship Chelsea venue as well as residential ...

10 Mai 2018

Bien-être Companies Well-being

The KPMG Performance Clinic ...

The KPMG Performance Clinic is a remarkable initiative designed to help organizations, and the people that comprise them, better cope with the uncertainty and complexity of life in the modern business world. It took shape, in November 2015, when KPMG Australia acquired The Performance Clinic, an innovative consulting firm specializing in deploying sports science and ...

20 Décembre 2017

Companies Well-being

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